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Our Programs

Academic Sports Conference

Held annually for middle and high school aged students, along with their parent, the one day conference allows student athletes to learn what it takes to earn a college scholarship. Through general sessions and breakout workshops, participants are provided with learning opportunities in the areas of: 

  • NCAA & NAIA College Eligibility Process

  • Sport-specific recruiting process

  • Academic Success and Literacy

  • College Admissions

  • College Financial Planning

  • ACT/SAT Test Prep

  • Use of Social Media as an athlete

  • Keys to being a successful student athlete

The conference is provided free of charge to participants and is held at the University of Tampa.

For more information on this exciting annual event click the button below.

Winners for Life™

Academic Mentoring Program


Academic Success Mentoring:

All of our programs consist of two time periods, the full school year and the summer which is a six week mentoring continuum.  Every student needs to have strong learning habits to achieve academic success.  We help each child by mentoring them throughout the process. There are three segments to the program, grades 6-8, 9-11 and grade 12. We help them identify and focus on the skills they will use throughout life.  Defining these can help students achieve the grade point average and academic growth needed for success.  The child receives a bound organization system, daily planner, nightly reading assignments, text books, daily homework assignments and weekly follow up sessions.  If they are enrolled in the athletic program the follow up sessions are conducted daily.


College Eligibility Mentoring:

Our focus is on student-athletes but we work with all students who want to succeed.  We help everyone understand the process and their own progression for admission at the university level.  Utilizing the workbook WIN ALL FOUR, which is also supplied to each student.  This workbook is a step by step that students and parents can use to help them achieve the goal of college admission.  It also provides hands on tools when interacting with counselors and administrators. 


College Entry Prep Program:

With our relationship with Total Student Athletes we utilize the "Method Test Prep" program.  We have found it to be the best on-line ACT and SAT test prep curriculum available.  We provide the juniors and seniors with the five month pre-test preparation program. In addition to the five month pre-test program, we provide pre and follow up meetings.     

Team Tampa 7 on 7 


The Leon McQuay Help Me Get There Foundation is pleased to sponsor the Team Tampa 7 on 7 Team. National Champions in  2012 and 2013, the team provides student athletes with the opportunity to hoen their skills in their specific position while being provided with additional exposure and recruiting opportunities.

Try outs are held on an annual basis. Student athletes must attend the Academic Sports Conference in order to be considered to play.

How we stack up

Although many other programs within the tri-state offer a comparable programs and or opportunities, what sets our program apart is the ability of tailoring it to meet individual student/ athlete’s needs. We have an extremely competitive operational structure along with a comprehensive cost control model and will ensure both benchmark goals and budgetary requirement and or allocations are met every time.

Program design

Our program model is designed to accommodate (20) + participants, middle school through high school with enrollment to increase dramatically in the second and third year of implementation. Our projections show over a three year period enrollment numbers will increase to approximately 150+. Each participant attending will be engaged with hands-on sessions. We also believe in “Program collaborations” with neighboring agencies that might be interested in either including our participants in their programs or have program components we could use, or might be willing to share costs in as it relates to transportation and or other expenses. “Program collaborations” teach unique skills and expose student/athletes to new experiences that go beyond the expertise of our program and staff.

Positive student/athlete development

The Leon McQuay Help Me Get There Foundation Inc. has designed a quality experience, while checking everything (including facilities, communication, and staffing) against the latest thinking on what student/athletes need for positive development.  We’ve consulted with both local and national youth sports program standards and confident we will stand against all other providers. Our research-based standards are developed and designed to ensure quality in all youth development programming that occurs during and after the program. The Standards cover the following areas: Sports training (football) and conditioning, Academics, Indoor Environment-Outdoor Environment Activities, Safety, Health and Nutrition (random drug testing).


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