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Our mission

The mission of The Leon McQuay Help Me Get There Foundation Inc. is to develop and place student athletes in four year institutions of learning and prepare them for academic, athletic and community leadership. We feel with the help of our mentors, sponsors and donations we can enhance the possibility of student athletes chances of being successful and prosperous citizens.

Who we are

The Leon McQuay Help Me Get There Foundation Inc. is a tax-exempt non-profit organization providing under privileged student/athletes with (a) complete sports and financial assistance program. The Leon McQuay Help Me Get There Foundation Inc. offers participants from middle to high school positive team building and high level sports program experiences along with the opportunity of individual academic and athletic achievement. 

The Leon McQuay Help Me Get There Foundation Inc. is (a) premier provider of student/athlete training, and seeks to make this experience affordable and available for all interested participants. This is done through a series of successful fund-raising activities, the role of the Fund-Raising Foundation, and a solid financial approach to managing these resources. The Leon McQuay Help Me Get There Foundation Inc.  Is hoping to service all Central & South Florida participants with additional student/athletes participating on an out-of-state basis. Ongoing efforts are in place to continue to improve the quality and integrity of the program. The success of these efforts has been documented through studies that confirm the positive perception of our program within the Central Florida area.

Major challenges face The Leon McQuay Help Me Get There Foundation Inc. for the future. These include  the uncertainties brought on by facility and capital requirements, the impact of alternative programs, and volunteer training and educational needs, to name a few. The Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers continue to work toward providing a quality experience in the most effective and efficient manner possible with optimism for the future of this exceptional organization.

Demographic need assessment based on our research here at The Leon McQuay Help Me Get There Foundation Inc. the need for student/athlete sports programs is validated and magnified by information that attributes long-term value to participants in these programs. Numerous studies document the direct value of youth participation in sports. These studies indicate a direct correlation demonstrating that involvement in sports results in reducing the potential to become involved in drugs, sex, crime, and gang-related behaviors. Research indicates the economic, social and personal value of "investing" in the lives of children in a positive and constructive manner avoids the social and penal system costs that may later result. To meet this need, The Leon McQuay Help Me Get There Foundation Inc. offers the capability for participants throughout Central & South Florida.

to participate without worry of cost and or current social station in life. These important benefits continue to validate The Leon McQuay Help Me Get There Foundation Inc. concept.

Although research indicates loss of participation due to lack of resources and or mobility are more prevalent in populations with lower socioeconomic status.

We at the Leon McQuay Help Me Get There Foundation Inc.  Have designed our program to provide each participant with a continuation of their academic learning environment which ensures them success as they advance to the next level along with conditioning them with the ability to handle both sports and studies. With heavy emphasis on Math, Science, and Literacy, We feel our program can surely fill any gaps and of course correct negative long-term effects as they relate socioeconomic short falls.

How we stack up

Although many other programs within the tri-state offer a comparable programs and or opportunities, what sets our program apart is the ability of tailoring it to meet individual student/ athlete’s needs. We have an extremely competitive operational structure along with a comprehensive cost control model and will ensure both benchmark goals and budgetary requirement and or allocations are met every time.

Program design

Our program model is designed to accommodate (20) + participants, middle school through high school with enrollment to increase dramatically in the second and third year of implementation. Our projections show over a three year period enrollment numbers will increase to approximately 150+. Each participant attending will be engaged with hands-on sessions.

Note: It is our goal to have program implementation expanding into other Florida cities by 2016.

We also believe in “Program collaborations” with neighboring agencies that might be interested in either including our participants in their programs or have program components we could use, or might be willing to share costs in as it relates to transportation and or other expenses. “Program collaborations” teach unique skills and expose student/athletes to new experiences that go beyond the expertise of our program and staff.

Positive student/athlete development

The Leon McQuay Help Me Get There Foundation Inc. has designed a quality experience, while checking everything (including facilities, communication, and staffing) against the latest thinking on what student/athletes need for positive development.  We’ve consulted with both local and national youth sports program standards and confident we will stand against all other providers. Our research-based standards are developed and designed to ensure quality in all youth development programming that occurs during and after the program. The Standards cover the following areas: Sports training (football) and conditioning, Academics, Indoor Environment-Outdoor Environment Activities, Safety, Health and Nutrition (random drug testing).

In order to complete and continue our program, we need your donations by way of: Monetary Contributions, Bulk Sports Equipment, Bulk Refreshments, Bulk Hygiene Products, Transportation Services, Facilities Usage, Bulk Sports Clothing and Shoes. We would be most grateful if you could donate any of these items to help us implement the program. If you are interested we will keep you informed with regular updates on the progress of the program.

 Please feel free contact us if you are able to donate to our program. If we don’t hear from you within a week, we will follow up with you. Thank you so much for your time and for consideration of our program. We look forward to working with you and creating a stronger community.

Prepared by:

Leon McQuay Jr.

Leon McQuay Help Me Get There Foundation Inc.

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